I am a photographer based in North West Arkansas. I offer photography sessions all over Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and travel anywhere domestic or abroad for assignments. My primary body of work is professional portraiture and commercial editorial photography.

When I am not shooting for clients, I also host and instruct photography workshops, and offer one on one training covering all aspects of digital photography, lighting, and post production.

Photography is my passion. I find true pleasure in creating beautiful and artistic images of People, Nature, Landscapes, and Still Life. I love chasing the light, manually setting my camera and lens to capture a perfect moment in time in a way someone can not achieve letting their camera automatically choose the settings for them. That is just part of the process, I also love finishing the creative process. Taking that captured moment and turning it into a beautiful image or work of art.

I have been honing my craft, shooting and editing for over a decade. I have spent countless hours on my photographic journey learning and honing my skills in Photography, Lighting, and Retouching. I have found that real world shooting and editing is where the experience is gained, and skills are learned and polished. This is where you find, and refine your style. Along the way I have met many photographers of all skill sets and skill levels. Many have asked me how I do things, and I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge and experience with them. This eventually led me to providing opportunities for others to learn from me through Events I host, or personal one on one training. I love to teach others how to do what I do.

Awards & Nominations:

I have had my work featured in many publications, including well known news stand publications like Shutter Magazine. I have had my work in a few galleries domestic and abroad. I have also participated in, and been awarded in juried photography competitions. Typically I don’t bring any of that up, unless someone asks me about it. To me, my achievements are for me, not to brag about to people. They are personal achievements.

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